Reet "Eesti Rahvalaule" (pana020)

Reet "Eesti Rahvalaule" (pana020)

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1969 年にたった1枚のLP アルバムを残し、2000 年に惜しくもこの世を去ってしまった、エストニアの伝説のフォークシンガーReet の再発CD が発売されます!「エストニアのフォークソング」と題した本作は、昔から伝わるエストニアの伝統的な歌を、素朴なギターのアルペジオの上に可憐な響きのエストニア語で歌われており、そのはかなく美しい雰囲気は、全ての音楽ファンを虜にさせる魅力に溢れています。 Reet is a legendary folk singer from Estonia and this album entitled “Eesti Rahvalaule” (meaning “Estonian folksongs” in Estonian language), is Reet Hendrikson’s only album which was originally published in 1969 on LP. A CD echoing the design of the LP came out in 2008, eight years after the singer’s death in Sweden. And now, we are proud to re-issue this hidden gem towards the Asian audience with original Estonian lyrics, and English and Japanese liner notes. The songs chosen by Reet on the recording reflect their origin from an oral tradition, which went through a few degrees of modernization in the 19th Century. While some of the lyrics have been created by known authors of the past two centuries, many are adaptations of older texts. The album is a musical echo of Estonian history and culture encompassing some folk customs shared with people from other nations. It is Reet’s youthful and imaginative interpretation that brings heritage music of a rare kind to the ear of the listener. Embellished by the singer’s own guitar arrangements, these folk melodies are rendered by a voice not unlike the vocals recorded a hundred years ago.