Wangyang Porter Team "Nishangongshu" CD+BOOK
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Wangyang Porter Team "Nishangongshu" CD+BOOK

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the Ethnorth Galleryを冠にした新設レーベルの第一弾。本作は「泥山工書」と名付けられた、四川省の石の運び屋さん汪洋ポーターチーム による労働歌。重労働を行いながら自分たちを奮起させるために、また棺桶の運び手となってからは、死者をあの世に送り出すために、彼らは唄を歌う。手書きの特殊パッケージ、19枚の写真集、100Pにも及ぶブックレット、40Pの歌詞カード、日本語解説書付きの超豪華パック。限定50枚! 試聴はこちらから Here's our 1st release from our newly launched label The Ethnorth Gallery which is also the name of our new retail store specializing in handicrafts from all over the world. In conjunction with the Tash Music label (China), we bring you the deepest and historical music from Sichuan province, China. These are collection of stone & casket porters singing and chanting with ethnic instrument Shaona which is a high-tone brass sound wooden flute. Comes in special packaging with handwriting titles, 19 post cards, 100p booklet and 40p lyrics with introduction liner notes in English. Limited Edition 50 copies. 1. Jiang-jun-ling in the key of "xiao-gong" 2. "Starting Craftsmanship and Musicianship When I Was a Young Boy" 3. Studying Hard at the Mountain Ni (fast) 4. Xu xian and the White Snake (slow) 5. Break the Mountain Chant 6. "Let's Learn the Stone Work" 7. Golden Flowers, Silver Flowers 8. Just Before Dawn 9. "Need to Synchronize" (meaning to synchronize the chant and feet movement) 10. My Wife Urges (slow) 11. Farewell to Lover (fast) 12. Xiao-pai-zi in the key of "Li-huang" 13. "Call It Clear!" 14. The Jiang-nan Red Peony (very slow) 15. My Sickly Eyes (ballad) 16. "This is Just a Low Way of Life." 17. Stone Carrying Buddy 18. As the Peony Blooms at My Yard (slow) 19. No Other Option but Do This Way of Chanting 20. An Unnamed Stone-lifting Ballad (high pitch) 21. An Unnamed Stone-lifting Ballad (high pitch) 22. "Breaking the Stone, Lifting the Stone" 23. An Unnamed Stone-lifting Ballad (normal pitch) 24. Busy, Ignored, and Despised (fast) 25. "Heavy Work and Very Long Day" 26. An informal chat among the stone workers 27. Break the Mountain Chant 28. Not in the Mood to Enjoy the Streetview (fast) 29. "Wearing the Underwear During Work" 30. This Young Woman Dressed Up 31. Zheng-yue-zheng (fast) 32. "Sometime Workers Die of Falling Stones" 33. Sign the Dead 34. Xiao-kai-men in the key of "Jia-huang"